On The Horizon: Instagram for early 2022

Here’s a quick hit of things to pay attention to for Instagram creators in the first few months of 2022.

Trend Report

Earlier this month Instagram dropped the first ever Trend Report. In it they detail upcoming trends for 2022 with a heavy focus on Gen-z. Includes topics such as Music, Fashion, Food, Wellness and much more. They even dive deep into creative topics, such as trends related to Memes. Read the full report.

Search, Hashtags and English vs. Korean

Instagram has made several announcements in recent months related to hashtags and search. I included these both together here because they seem to go hand in hand. Going back to August they announced, “We’re moving towards a full search results page experience that makes it even easier to go deep on your interests”, making it clear that they are serious about transitioning beyond simple browsing. (see article)

At the same time, Instagram ignited firey debate by suggesting the ideal number of hashtags is 3-5 and that using 10-20 hashtags will not increase distribution and perhaps only confuse the algorithm as it tries to determine who to show your post to. While some accounts that still benefit from traffic derived from hashtag pages and have claimed the maximum 30 hashtags is still optimal, I believe the advise to use fewer, highly relevant hashtags in order to assist the algorithm’s efforts to catalog our posts and serve them up in search results is most value for the rest of us.

Do what you can to make the algorithm happy, until it changes, then you change too… what else can we do?

Finally, buried deep in the article announcing changes to search, they stated that they are working to perfect the new keyword driven search results in English first, then they will roll it out to other languages. For those of us in Korea, this means that adding English to your descriptions, especially keyword rich English descriptions, is critically important as other languages will fail to benefit from this new direction until some later point in the future.


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