Brian Gardner’s Review of Jetpack from

This is a quick and interesting review of the Jetpack plugin from by StudioPress founder Brian Gardner. Jetpack doesn’t always get the love it deserves from the community, so it was nice to see someone like Brian Gardner admit to using it. In the video he points out his top 5 Jetpack tools plus two that he avoids.

See the complete video here.

Jetpack WordPress stats feature

I have to admit, I too love using the Jetpack plugin. By far my favorite feature is the stats. It’s certainly nowhere near as comprehensive as Google Analytics, but it’s nice to have a quick snapshot of site activity while in the back-end of the site. It’s a great way to quickly gauge which content is getting attention. If you see something you want to follow up on more deeply, you can either click through to the full stats on or go into Google Analytics.

Jetpack protect feature

Another feature that Brian doesn’t mention, but as a WordPress security geek I find valuable, is Protect. This is a quick and easy way to add a level of brute force protection to your WordPress login page.

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