Facebook Testing Wide Range of Emotions Beyond “Like”

Anyone following Facebook closely won’t be surprised to learn that Facebook is testing alternatives to the singular “Like” button on posts. But did you know they are testing a wide variety of emotions? When I logged into my Facebook Ads Manager this morning I saw this notice:

We’re running a test in Spain and Ireland allowing people to like, love, laugh and have other reactions to Page posts and ads. If someone reacts to your ads while the test is running, we’ll count it as a “like” here and in Power Editor. Learn more.

While Facebook is apparently only testing this in Spain and Ireland at the moment, this could be an indicator of what’s to come. The fact that they are addressing advertisers right away could also be telling us that the driving force behind these additional options for reacting to posts and ads may be coming less from the user base and more from advertisers seeking more specific ways to target their ads.

Facebook testing six emotions in addition to like

What do you think about Facebook adding this much granularity to posts and ads? Pros and cons? Curious to know how others react to this.

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