Digital Agency Advice: Deep Dive, Karl Sakas

A Deep Dive is an unsolicited exploration into an individual, service or company that peaks my attention and I feel their message would bring value to our followers. -Michael

digital agency business consultant karl sakas headshotKarl Sakas is the founder of Agency Firebox where they work specifically to help a growing digital agency improve their business operations and strategy. He has a wealth of knowledge that can help you improve your own digital agency efforts and much of it is available through his extensive archive of articles.

He was also just interviewed on an episode of the Web Agency Podcast, Creating the Business You Actually Dreamed of With Karl Sakas. I highly recommend giving it a listen!

Are you struggling to get content and other necessary information from clients, especially as part of the onboarding process? From a recent article, here’s Karl’s advice:

The exact solution depends on the underlying problem(s), but it ultimately comes down to this: If you want someone to do something for you, do it for them.
To put it another way—it’s your agency’s job to make the process as easy as possible for your clients.

While the solution may come from improving your onboarding process and more effectively managing your client’s expectations, another option may be to offer additional services, such as copy writing. Anything that helps get this job done faster will speed the process of moving on to the next job, whether for another or this same client.

Of course, we’re all looking to improve our incoming leads, right? From his recent article, 50 ways to find sales leads for your digital marketing agency:

The take away I get from this post is that there far more sources for lead generation than just waiting for someone to fill out your contact us form. Just because we’re “digital” doesn’t mean our clients are (yet). Think old school marketing on the one hand, then think new-twist for your digital marketing efforts for higher results.

Three Questions with Karl

INM: What advantages do you often see in micro-agencies that we probably don’t realize we have over our bigger competitors?

Karl: Micro-agency clients love that they’re speaking directly with the people doing the work. It’s easier to communicate, since there are fewer layers than at bigger agencies. However, it’s important that micro-agency owners manage client expectations about communications. Otherwise, it’ll be harder for you to delegate day-to-day client service in the future if you’ve trained clients to expect instant response time to 24/7 texts and IMs.

INM: What advice do you give the solo freelancer or micro-agency who reaches out to you, but is not quite ready to get the most out of your services?

Karl: If someone needs business help but isn’t ready to hire me as an agency consultant or business coach, I share a ton of free advice on the Agency Firebox website. They should read my roundup of my most popular blog posts. They should also sign up for my twice-a-month newsletter, which includes an instant free copy of Don’t Just Make the Logo Bigger: Taking Clients from Painful to Profitable.

INM: What’s coming from you in the near future?

Karl: I’m creating a product to help agencies improve client onboarding. If you want to scale to work with bigger clients, you need to upgrade (or create) your client onboarding process. Otherwise, you risk losing the clients you’ve worked so hard to get. I’m also preparing for new speaking engagements and taking a couple days off to do a business planning retreat for Agency Firebox.

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