about a dozen pennies

The Original Crowdfunding Campaign Raised Pennies

It was the spring of 1991 in Urbana, Illinois and just about to graduate from the University of Illinois was an obscure Senior, Mike Hayes. A far cry from the fame and attention of his Freshman year that made him the talk of the campus. Roughly four years earlier, the exciting news of his acceptance…

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Figuring out the WordPress REST API is frustrating!

How to configure your WordPress site for the New REST API

For those who have been following the progress of integrating the REST API into the WordPress core, you know there has been significant progress made in recent months. Because of the rapid activity lately, the documentation is a bit out of date, especially related to Oauth and creating consumer keys, so it seems like a…

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Facebook testing six emotions in addition to like

Facebook Testing Wide Range of Emotions Beyond “Like”

Anyone following Facebook closely won’t be surprised to learn that Facebook is testing alternatives to the singular “Like” button on posts. But did you know they are testing a wide variety of emotions? When I logged into my Facebook Ads Manager this morning I saw this notice: We’re running a test in Spain and Ireland…

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don't make critical wordpress mistakes that harm your business

Is your business making these WordPress mistakes?

As businesses, our online presence has become more advanced in recent years. Helping lead this advancment is WordPress by making the transition relatively easy for many businesses. Let’s take a few minutes, though, and make sure you didn’t forget any basic, fundamental tips that will set you up for success online. It’s easy to stay focused…

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formidable pro tutorial image

Add Content to Formidable Pro Forms Using PHP

This post and example shows how to add a hidden field using PHP, but it’s really a flexible method to add any content to Formidable Pro forms. Now the folks at Formidable Pro made it very easy to add a hidden field from within the form builder, so that’s not really what this post is…

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overcoming fear with greater fear image

Overcome Fear with Greater Fear as Entrepreneurs (Hint: It’s not that scary)

Being an entrepreneur is a little like being a glutton for punishment. We voluntarily sign up to be scared out of our mind 24/7, except for those times we successfully lie to ourselves. Do you have times where fear takes over as an entrepreneur? We all do, no matter how monstrously successful we are. Here’s how to overcome fear as an entrepreneur…

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oren klaff on how to write emails that get a response logo

Deep Dive: Oren Klaff on How to Write Emails That Get A Response

I was first introduced to Oren when listening to his interview on the London Real podcast by Brian Rose. Oren comes from the world of big finance, which might cause you to ask “What can he teach me that is relevant to web development?”

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Jetpack WordPress stats feature

Brian Gardner’s Review of Jetpack from WordPress.com

This is a quick and interesting review of the Jetpack plugin from WordPress.com by StudioPress founder Brian Gardner. Jetpack doesn’t always get the love it deserves from the WordPress.org community, so it was nice to see someone like Brian Gardner admit to using it. In the video he points out his top 5 Jetpack tools…

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how to build a wordpress plugin for your google analytics tracking code

Build A WordPress Plugin to Add Google Analytics Code

When it comes time to add Google Analytics code to your WordPress website, there are a whole lot of options these days. Some themes will give you a field to paste the code. Many plugins have been created around adding giving you various options, whether just for the Google Analytics code or the bigger topic…

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5 Step Conversion Optimization Plan Infographic

Why should you be testing and optimizing your conversion rate? Because if you want your website to sell more goods or get more signups than it does today, you pretty much have two choices; either get more traffic or get more conversions from the traffic you already have.

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Download Formidable Pro 2.0

Before Upgrading Formidable Pro to 2.0, Read This!

With the release of Formidable Pro 2.0 coming last night, let’s talk about some of the changes most likely to require you to make adjustments to your settings or even to some custom coding you might have done previously. Email Notifications Formidable 2.0 comes with a complete re-thinking of the way certain actions were happening…

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Page Builder Demo in Beaver Builder

WordPress Page Builder: Deep Dive, Beaver Builder

So what is a page builder? Is it a theme? No. Is it a plugin? Yes, but… A WordPress page builder is a plugin that can work independently of your WordPress theme, although many themes also include support for page builders. All clear now, right? Let’s dive deeper into one WordPress page builder from the guys at FastLine Media, Beaver Builder.

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