About I'm Not Marvin

Everything has changed since the early adoption of the internet by the mainstream business world. Most notably the ability to powerful applications, more closely integrated than ever, leveling the playing field for business across all sizes and categories... but it takes teamwork--which takes the ability to build and manage that team. That is where I'm Not Marvin approaches every project and why we are able to deliver a value that highly exceeds our competition.Web application projects may require some or all of these people:

  • a designer
  • a programmer
  • a user experience (ux) analyst
  • a conversion optimizer
  • Google analytics (ga) professional
  • graphic artist
  • search engine optimization (seo) specialist
  • a social media expert

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Michael Davis - Exec. Producer, Founder

Michael Davis built his first online project nearly 20 years ago and was running a weekly online radio-like show nearly 10 years before the existence of the term podcast. He has been a forward thinking web consultant since 1999 directing online projects to their fullest potential. Mr. Davis' wide variety of entrepreneurial experience could explain his understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced across the spectrum of today's businesses.


Robert Keenan - Director, Senior Consultant

Robert Keenan is a Senior Consultant for I'm Not Marvin. Serving as a senior technology executive for the past 20 yrs he has proven the valuable mix of broad marketing, technology and operations experience in delivering pragmatic, actionable end-to-end strategies for companies looking to maximize technology and media in their core businesses and marketing initiatives.

Specializing in helping the client realize the exponential power of integrated marketing, business processes and analysis, as well the technology required to execute successful strategies, Mr. Keenan has focused his considerable experience on providing client a practical through-line in integrating emerging platforms into enterprise wide operations.