Dynamic Maps from Formidable Pro Form Entries

UPDATE: Comprehensive Google Map Plugin was discontinued by it’s author. There is now a branched version of this plugin called Slick Google Map that is also available in the WordPress Plugin Repository.…

image of shady character trying to break into a safe

Breaking into WordPress from the outside

Have you ever needed to access information within your WordPress database from a page that exists outside of WordPress? It might seem unlikely you would ever see this scenario at…

(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Themes, Love, and Understanding; Ian Stewart’s Motivational Talk

This video is from a recent inspirational talk about the beautiful and amazing future of WordPress themes by Ian Stewart. He aims to excite the imagination and passion of WordPress…

Following directions from your ISP

Prevent WordPress Login Brute Force Attacks in 2 Steps

WordPress Login – Brute Force Attack Recently, there was a highly-distributed WordPress attack that affected sites worldwide. These attacks seem to be happening more often and not just to major…

Customized marketing messages necessary to break through cluttered inboxes.

What Can 1-800-Pet-Meds Teach Us About Email Marketing?

It’s not very often that I admire an Email marketing campaign, or even read them for that matter, but that’s not the case this morning with 1-800-Pet-Meds. Today when I received their Email newsletter I couldn’t help but be impressed by how well they used what they know about me and what I love, Greyhounds, to personalize their newsletter just for me.

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Big Changes in WordPress 3.5 Coming Dec. 5th

It’s only been a few months since the last major upgrade and now we’re just a few short weeks until the next major release of WordPress, version 3.5. If you are a plugin or theme developer you should be testing your products now rather than after the release. Like most major releases of WordPress, this one is packed with hundreds of smaller updates and several big changes that may effect you so at least take a few minutes to review the list of major changes here. (Also, look for the bonus link at the bottom of this post.)

Ideas For Website Content

Four Content Tips For Website Publishers

While it’s not exactly a new concept, the idea that “Content is King” is firmly entrenched in the online marketing world and the most best sites in our field have been generating traffic and making money from their content for quite a while now. One thing for sure, timely, quality, original content that people are actually interested is never going to be easy. Especially since what generates the most public interest is always evolving. Here are four short tips for improving on your website’s content.

Catalyst theme framework for WordPress update

Update Catalyst Theme Framework for WordPress Advisable

How to update? Very simple. Log into your WordPress dashboard and click the link to update in the yellow banner across the top of your admin pages. Follow the instructions and all will be fine. Of course, don’t be that guy who lost everything because 99.99% of the time all goes well so this time he didn’t backup… backup your website before updating. There are plenty of free plugins to help with this. My current favorite free update plugin is BackUpWordPress. If you don’t see a link to update in your dashboard, you can manually check for updates by clicking the “Check Now” button in the lower left of the page at Catalyst > Core Options > Info.

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Test Responsive Design with New Tool: The Responsinator

You simply enter the address of the site or page you want to test and you will be able to view that site in 10 different views simulating the most popular portable devices on the market.

How many of your potential customers ask this question?

Where Does Conversion Optimization Fit in Website Planning Process

Over the last 16 years I’ve seen a whole lot of evolution in the world of website development and perhaps planning and optimization have evolved more than any other aspect.…

Catalyst Users: Add QR Code to Posts

Have you ever wanted to add a QR Code (Quick Response Code) to each of your posts so your readers could easily send your post to their cell phone to read later? Ok, so now that you know it can be done you want it, right? Using the Catalyst framework for WordPress makes it even easier…

WordPress Security Tip: Do This Now! – Part 2

This is one of the easiest and most effect ways to defeat those who would attempt to hack your WordPress. As I’ve been paying close attention to brute force attempts to hack my own site lately, one thing I’ve noticed is that every single attempt to break in was by guessing the password to an account named admin.

WordPress Security Tip

WordPress Security Tip: Do this now!

The wp-config.php file contains all of your WordPress configuration information and settings. If hackers gain access to this file it could be game over for your site. They would then be able to easily inject malware into your site and blog pages, or even delete all of your blog content.

Few people are aware of a feature of WordPress that allows you to move the wp-config.php file one level above the WordPress root. On most Linux servers, wp-config.php is located in:
~/home/user/public_html/wp-config.php. To secure it, FTP into your server and move wp-config.php above the public_html directory so that it is located in:

Google Plans SEO Over-Optimization Penalty

Google recently announced plans to incorporate a penalty on sites that are “over optimized” in an effort to weed out sites that are poor on content and clearly only reached the top of the results because of SEO optimization. Could this hurt your site? Will there be unintended consequences or can Google easily detect these SEO “abusers” and finally weed them out of the top results?

How to Crop, Rotate, Flip and Scale Images in WordPress

It’s a little know fact that since WordPress 2.9 there have been some pretty cool tools available to manipulate images right from the backend. Here’s a short and sweet tutorial on how to do these basic image edits…

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Latest WP Release Contains Very Important Update

Aside from the usual security and bug fixes that accompany any maintenance release of WordPress, there’s a fix for one small, but very important issue. Currently within the bulk editing tools on the Users Dashboard page you can select yourself and set yourself as a subscriber (or technically any other role). This could result in you, as an admin, locking yourself out of your own site.