Clue that I may be unbalanced as a web developer

Formidable Forms: Hide Form Based on User Capability

Have you ever wanted a little more control over who can access your Formidable forms than just the user level settings? Here’s a very quick and simple PHP function to…

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Security Vulnerability: Update SEO by Yoast and WooCommerce Immediately

Security vulnerability discovered and fixed in WordPress SEO by Yoast and CoreCommerce. Learn more and update to the latest versions of these products now.

Add Font Awesome icon to a submit button using the cheatsheet

Add Font Awesome Icons To A Submit Button Using Formidable Pro

Learn how to add Font Awesome icons to a submit button when using an html input tag. Input tags require a special method in order for your icons to appear.

link to demo quiz using Formidable Pro

A Simple Personality Quiz Using Formidable Pro

Formidable Pro makes it easy to create surveys and quizzes, but personality quizzes are more difficult. In this tutorial learn how to make a simple personality quiz using Formidable Pro.

Repeatable Section Option

How-to: Show Repeating Fields in Formidable Pro 2.0 Views

The introduction of repeating fields and repeatable sections brings with it a new shortcode for displaying these fields in your views. Let me show you how…

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Updating WordPress Keys & Salts for Better Security

Get a brief overview of WordPress keys & salts and learn how to change them in your site for an added layer of protection against hackers.

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3 New WordPress Plugin Security Vulnerabilities Revealed

Three new WordPress plugin security vulnerabilities that affect almost a quarter of a million websites. In each case the vulnerability has been fixed so upgrading your copy to the latest version will close the security hole.

One click add remove favorites - Formidable Pro

One-click Like/Unlike – Formidable Pro Tutorial

Here’s a Formidable Pro tutorial straight out of a real-world application that is so recent, the site I used this technique on hasn’t even gone live yet. Note: At the…

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Revolution Slider Vulnerability Used by Malware to Infect more than 100,000 WordPress Sites

A mysterious malware, taking advantage of a Revolution Slider vulnerability, has compromised 100,000 or more sites running the WordPress content management system, turning infected sites into attack platforms that can…

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Serious WordPress Security Vulnerability in WordPress Download Manager

WordPress Security Alert: The WordPress Download Manager plugin has a serious vulnerability that allows a remote attacker to upload malicious scripts to your website, gain administrative access and modify passwords!…

Clue that I may be unbalanced as a web developer

Sign of an Unbalanced Web Developer

As a web developer, shouldn’t both the less-than and greater-than arrows be equally faded? Do I close more tags than I open?

Formidable Pro Repeatable Sections Demo

Long Awaited Formidable Pro Features About to Drop in 2.0

The team over at¬†Strategy 11, makers of the beloved Formidable Pro forms plugin for WordPress, have been working overtime lately and have now released the first beta version of the…

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WordPress Security, Best 5 Practices

WordPress frequently gets accused of being insecure. The truth is, the vast majority of WordPress security issues are the fault of the site admin and not WordPress itself. Here are…

What is social proof - example

Using Social Proof: Get More Subscribers, Convert More Sales

Adding social proof to your landing pages, squeeze pages, opt-in widgets and sales messages of all types is a powerful tool toward increasing your conversions. The Summary What is social…

Hide Content Based On User Role/Capability with Shortcode

WordPress includes many roles and capabilities already, but most people don’t know how to take advantage of them without installing a full blown membership plugin. You don’t need a membership plugin to hide and show content, but you will need to create a custom shortcode… here’s how to do that.

Better Graphs and Charts for Formidable Pro with WP Charts (Updated)

Not long ago I was adding charts for a client’s reports using Formidable Pro’s built in graphs and discovered they were, well, a little lacking. While I appreciate Formidable Pro’s…